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Simple Route Plan

Route Planner Software: Removing Challenges for Fleet Operations

Route planner software should be intuitive and easy to use. It should have all the features you desire and work from one central platform.

The route planner is easy to configure. You will be able to manage all aspects of your route through the route planner software. You will be able to create the best routes by entering the number of vehicles, weight of vehicles, multiple depots, driver’s schedule and more. This allows for optimization of the route that will ultimately save you time and money.

Our software platform produces the most advantageous routes. How does the software do this? The route planner software design was very specific to reducing the number kilometers that transportation companies and fleets travel every day. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to deliver the best routes.

You’re not limited to one or two depots. In fact, you can use as many as needed. This is a huge benefit to the fleet management sector, especially those that require multiple depots within one route.

And the route planner software works for any location around the globe. Because of this feature, fleet and transportation managers can handle routes throughout the world without having to actually be there. Multiple countries or states can be entered into one route as well.

How to Plan a Route

There are only a few steps you must take to plan your routes. The following will provide steps on each of the software features.

1. Depots and Vehicles

  • When you first log into the route planner platform, you’ll reach the depots and vehicles tab.
  • First, choose your configuration.
  • There are fields for the number of vehicles, depots, and weight.
  • After you complete the field for the number of vehicles, you’ll then be able to choose depots. Begin typing, and search for depots. When you find your specific depots, click then. They now appear in the right window. Please note that the order of depots does matter. The first ones receive priority so reorder as necessary.
  • The next piece of information will be the weight. Once the weight is entered, you’ll choose weight distribution as either fill fewer vehicles or balance weight.
  • You can then save or upload the route or reset the depots.

2. Upload locations and run

The next tab allows you to upload your specific locations. Just click the Choose File button. You’ll then be able to upload a file with locations for your routes.

3. History

The history tab provides an overview of past route plans. You can see information about each route.You can also see you’re route planner results on Google map. Learn more about history here.

4. Time Windows

This tab enables you to account for a driver’s daily schedule. By entering in specific times, you can configure a better route. Within Time Windows, you will enter:

After the information is inputted, you’ll click Update Time Windows. If you need to make changes, just use the Reset Time Windows This function provides a better way to estimate delivery time at each location. It creates a delivery route itinerary. This means that locations can receive a more accurate expected delivery window.

A Simple Route Planner Software Options

  • Customizable input and output data
  • Weight distribution options
  • Multiple route calculation algorithms (providing more insights by calculating different factors for route planning optimization)
  • Communication tools: Send SMS text message to customers with anticipated time delivery window
  • Notification of road restrictions on routes
  • Route history
  • Integration capability with other back-office software
  • Reporting features

Delivering accurate and actionable reports is important in fleet management. Our reports will allow you to spot trends and make adjustments to improve productivity while reducing costs.

Reduce costs with the most optimized fleet routes

Not all routes are the same. You need to have a better overview of how your fleet is performing. By using route optimization software, you’ll reduce mileage which in turn saves fuel and cuts costs.

An idle truck is a costly truck

With A Simple Plan route planner software, you can better manage your current fleet and work with the trucks you have. These provide cost savings to you.

Transportation efficiency

With routing optimization, you’ll know the exact routes that are the most efficient for your entire fleet. You can have a very narrow view of your fleet if needed or a complete overview of fleets from around the world.

Helping transportation managers work smarter

Transportation managers are tasked with calculating daily routes. With Simple Route Plan, you can work smarter not harder. You’ll be able to see fleet information in real time, based on your current route needs. The process is streamlined, saving you time and delivering the best routes.

Algorithms power our platform

Algorithms perform calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning tasks. They take the information you’ve entered and look it against many different factors. Our routing software can meet the needs of the transportation industry delivering optimized route plans.

Simple Route Plan software features include:

  • Ability to plan multi-depot routes quickly
  • Consideration of balanced and legal loads
  • Connecting with GPS tracking for real-time information
  • Maximizing the use of the fleet
  • Reducing the length of planning times to avoid delays
  • Making changes to scheduled routes if plans change
  • Centralizing the entire route planning process to one platform

Sign up today for a free demo account, and explore all the features. You’ll find that A Simple Route software can transform the way you manage fleet routes.