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Simple Route Plan

Route Planner Software: The Value of Historical Data and Reporting

Want a better way to plan your routes? Fleet managers need to have the tools to understand the routes of their vehicles.

Configure route plans in minutes

With a comprehensive route planner software platform, you can easily manage and plan routes.  You’ll be able to add the number of vehicles, weight, depots and drivers’ schedules. You’ll also have insights related to road restrictions.

Optimal routes every time

A Simple Route Plan software focuses specifically on reducing the number of kilometers drive each day. Because less mileage equals fewer costs. Our software has been tested with many scenarios across the globe. We also continue to improve and update it to account for the best route planner.

Add multiple depot routes

Whether your route has two stops or 20, you’ll be able to plan the best route. Each depot can be entered into your plan. If some depots have priority, you can add those first. This helps you meet the expectations of those expecting deliveries by a certain time.

Deliver globally

You can plan routes all across the world in our route planner software.  The route plan can cover multiple states or countries as needed. From one single route planning platform, you’ll be able to see and manage routes around the world.

Estimate delivery time

This feature allows you to enter in specific data related to a driver’s schedule including start and stop times, lunch break hours, time at each location and miles per an hour. By inputting this route information, you can compute expected delivery times, which allows for you to provide more specific delivery window times for locations.

A Simple Plan Route Planner Software Features

After you’ve completed a route, why keep it? Looking at the history of your routes can provide valuable insights related to maximizing your routes. The history related to routing and scheduling your fleets allows for you to spot trends. The history of your fleet routes can help you in situations where your fleets drive the same or similar routes as well as instances when routes aren't repeated.

What a fleet route history provides

You’ll find dates and times, route name, the number of vehicles and total mileage. These are the core pieces of data related to fleet route optimization. You also have the option to see the complete route on a Google map. Then you’ll have a full route overview. You can see what routes can be improved or which routes should be a priority because they allow the shortest time and/or length of the route.

Fleet route history for repeated routes

If your routes are repeated or similar, you’ll be able to learn through the route optimization software which days and times make the most sense. If you can definitively review the history data to determine that Tuesday morning is the best time for a specific route, this can help you plan driving routes more efficiently. This may cause you to prioritize depots differently. Ultimately, you can enjoy time and cost reductions.

Fleet route history for unique routes

Depending on your industry and what your fleets do, you may have different routes daily. So how can route history help you? You can have lots of different data points, but they can still paint a story related to the average of mileage on certain days and times. It can help you pinpoint underperforming routes and make adjustments as necessary. Maybe across all your fleet routes, there are spikes in the data related to certain times and days. This could be telling you that you need to shift some of your scheduling so that your routes perform as optimally as possible.

Reports yield insights

Providing robust reporting for fleet management is imperative. That’s why A Simple Plan route planner software has created so much reporting functionality. These reports deliver information that can help you reduce costs, boost productivity and outperform your competitor.

Streamline the process

Transportation managers have a full plate of responsibilities. You need tools to succeed and manage fleet routes. Routes have to be calculated every day. With our fleet route planner software, you’ll have a full view of your routes allowing you to work more effectively and efficiently. Route management is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You can optimize the performance of your fleets to deliver the best return on investment.

Simple Route Plan route planner software helps you

Route optimization is best achieved when looking at data over the past 30 to 90 days. The route history feature is one of the best ways to understand the issues related to certain routes so you can make better decisions. For instance, if one particular stretch of road continues to cause issues and waste time, you’ll be able to see that by looking at a full history of your fleet route plans. By seeing this over a certain period of time, you can also know if the route was a challenge for only a short time (limited construction) or a longer period of time (complex construction). With an informed perspective on the route, you can determine whether or not a new route is necessary.

We invite you to experience all the features of the software, including route history and reports, today. We’ll provide you a free demo account so you can explore everything A Simple Route has to offer.