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Simple Route Plan's SMS Delivery Service

Send SMS | Simple Route Plan

Delivering products and communicating with your customers can be a real headache, especially when you have multiple routes, numerous drivers and so little time. Simple Route Plan has intelligently designed their software to take all the stress out of the situation with it's easy to operate system. Our SMS delivery service allows you to communicate with your customers through an automated system, so you can be sure that they know when their delivery is coming.

We know that time is money and we have engineered delivery software which finds the most efficient routes to streamline your delivery process. Simple Route Plan accurately schedules delivery times, allows you to live track all the deliveries, and stores all your historic data on our system. The software works in any country and can be used on multiple routes across countries.

SMS Real-time Communication

The best relationships are built on effective dialog and we at Simple Route Plan understand that. We want to help smooth out the communication process to ensure that real time information is available to drivers, managers and crucially customers. We know that happy customers become repeat customers and our ability to keep them in the know is vital.

Easy To Use Software

Our SMS delivery service will help save you time and effort by automating communication with the customer. You can start by clicking in the 'estimate time delivery module'. Next, you will need to upload your xls. file which includes the key customer details.

You can upload an xls. file with, for example, 500 rows. In this file, you need to add the customer's data in the columns including: phone number, name, delivery ID, delivery start time, delivery end time.

Customize Your SMS

Next, you can choose our default message setting which will give you an SMS template such as this: "Hello. Your delivery will arrive today between 13:00-15:00. Have a good day." This is just a template and you can easily modify it to suit your customer's profile.

Once you have chosen the template, you are ready to go. Our system will send the number of SMS messages that you have agreed, on the spot. You can do this whenever and wherever you need them sent.

Multiple SMS Template Options

We know how important it is to stay adaptable in business and we are creating multiple predefined SMS template options depending on each customer's needs. We have developed a drop-down option where the customer can select the alternative, pre-agreed templates such as a 'Late delivery template', 'You were not home' template, and more. This will involve simply uploading the xls. file and selecting a different template, again entirely customizable.

Why Use SMS?

Our route delivery SMS service will be used for things that happen in a matter of hours, up to one day. For less urgent issues, we will use our email service to inform customers of their delivery.

Our Evolving software

We are continuously developing and improving our communication software to provide a simple interface and quick and efficient messaging. We are flexible and are always looking to adapt the platform to better serve our customer's needs.

Optimize Your Routes

Our Simple Route Plan software is designed to find the fastest and the most cost-efficient route for delivery. Every journey that is shorter, every mile that isn't traveled, and every minute the driver doesn't spend on the road, lowers your costs. Ultimately, you are able to remain competitive and to maximize your resources.

Live Tracking Systems

You can stay on top of your driver's routes from anywhere. Simply log in to our live tracking system which is updated every 5 seconds to ensure you have the latest data whenever you need it.

Worldwide Delivery

The world is your oyster with your ability to plan routes across the globe. From a single route planning platform, you can monitor and manage routes internationally. Our user-friendly interface allows you to view our maps to give you a clear indication of your routes.

We can integrate any country and we have the capacity to create a route across multiple countries or even a whole continent. The routes are helpfully highlighted with customizable colour-coding to distinguish different routes with arrows indicating the starting and finishing points of the route.

Create Route Plans In No Time

Our comprehensive software platform for planning routes ensures you can easily manage and plan routes from anywhere and at just the click of a button. You can enter the number of vehicles, depots, weight, and drivers’ schedules to give you the best picture of your driver's routes.

Customize Your Routes

We cater to all types of routes whether it is 3 or 33. You can easily find and schedule the best route by adding each depot in to your plan. When depots have priority, you can simply enter this information into the system to ensure that these are first on the journey. This can help you quickly and easily focus on the most urgent routes of your daily plan to keep your priority customers happy.

Enhanced Delivery ETA

Our delivery function allows you include not only the driving hours but also the time to physically hand over the product after the driving has finished. This includes how much time it takes to call the customer, do the paperwork and the walking time of the driver. This extra information helps provide a more accurate delivery time for the customers and drivers.

Roads You Want to Avoid

Our road restrictions page allows you to add specific roads that you want to avoid. You can provide us with details of these roads and they will be marked on your account. You can access them on the live tracking and on the route plan.

Our Guarantee

Our software has been trialed and rigorously tested against a variety of scenarios within states, countries and across borders. It has proven to be incredibly fast and effective. We endeavor to continue adapting our software to keep up with the changing demands of the market to ensure that we offer the best route planner for our clients.