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If you are ready for a better fleet management tool then it’s time to sign up for your free demo account with Simple Route Plan.

Manage all aspects of your route through the route planning software. Create the best routes by entering number of vehicles, weight of vehicles, multiple depots, driver’s schedule and more. Optimize your routes, saving you time and money.

Simple Route Planner Works Around the Globe

Our route planning software works for any location around the globe. Because of this feature, you can handle routes throughout the world without having to actually be there. Multiple countries or states can be entered into one route as well. We can integrate our solution in any country. There are no boundaries with Simple Route Plan.

Key Features You’ll Enjoy

  • Plan multi-depot routes quickly
  • Consider balanced and legal loads
  • Connect with GPS tracking for real-time information
  • Maximize the use of the fleet
  • Reduce the length of planning times to avoid delays
  • Make changes to scheduled routes if plans change
  • Centralize the entire route planning process to one platform

Why Choose Simple Route Plan for Fleet Management

Simple Route Plan Offers Ease and Convenience

Stop wasting precious time and resources on fleet management tools that don’t work. Simple Route Plan, designed by logistical experts, disrupts the way in which most fleet managers work. We’ve opened up a new experience, one that makes your job and life easier.

Start Managing Your Fleets Better Today

With your free demo account, you’ll have a full month to explore all that Simple Route Plan offers. It’s easy to get started. Sign up for your free account now.